ingat lah wahai kaum adam. jaga lah hawa bukan merosakkan.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bermula di Facebook
you IM I dulu, tak tahu malu
I malas nak layan
so I buat tak tahu
you terus cuba dan mencuba
sehingga I jatuh cinta
gatal nya diri you
membuat I terjatuh


let me tell you that I love you
and I never wanna wrong you 
take my hand baby
come go through with me
let me tell you that I miss you
and I never wanna lose you
you my heart baby 
my life in incomplete without you..


dalam pada I gembira
sometimes I feel so sad juga
cause you da berpunya
But I always want you to be MINE forever

Please be mine forever ... !

** but i can accept you're not mine actually :)

--> this song i dedicate to someone that special to me DULU ..aha
hope you happy with your true love,.makesure she is the last one ! :)
** and to my JODOH, you watch out haa ! :D..i will be love you more than i love my self ! love till Najjah ameen ! :)

and for the readers, i love you all for a million years <3 :) !

tulus dari hati,

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